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Empirical studies of religion, values and society are spread across a number of institutions, in relatively small communities. The Research School Religion-Values-Society (RVS) is an initiative by the major Norwegian academic institutions within this field, as well as important institutions in Sweden and the United States, to bring together PhD-students and established scholars in order to develop better research and foster national and international cooperation, primarily through a strengthened and more comprehensive PhD education.

The RVS is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

RVS generally offers three courses every year, one in the Spring semester, one in the Fall semester, and one Summer course at Lesbos. For each course it is possible to read a curriculum and write an essay. RVS follows the international standard for workload per ECTS (25-30 hours work per ECTS), and the different courses give either 3 or 5 ECTS. See the concrete courses to find out more.




Latest news:

  1. The next summer course in Metochi will be on The Role of Theory in Empirical Research august 2017. Read about the summer school here.
  2. The autumn course will be on Intercultural encounters: Religion, Migration and Values at VID Stavanger, 25-26 September. Programme will follow.   
  3. The RVS annual seminar will be held 27 September at VID Stavanger.  
  4. The spring course  2017 was held at the University of Umeå, Sweden, 3-5 May 2017. See the full programme Values Religions and Emotions
  5. Great interest in RVS! We recieved many good applications to join the RVS Research School in 2017, and we could not accept all at this round. A total number of 56 PhD students are now members in the RVS.
  6. Hilde Frøkedal and Vicor Dudas are the student representatives in the board. Read more about them here.

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