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Hilde Frøkedal

My name is Hilde Frøkedal, and I am a 42-year-old theologian, chaplain and psychotherapist from the south-west of Norway, Valestrand. I live in Oslo and for several years I have been working as a chaplain in public mental healthcare.

In January 2015 I was admitted to the PhD program of the Center for Diakonia and Professional Practice at Diakonhjemmet Univesity College. This is a three-year program, running from January 2015to January 2018 and my doctoral thesis is Existential Counselling Group within mental health care in Norway / Livssynsgruppen som eksistensielt samtaletilbud innen psykisk helsevern.

The ECGs are a well-established professional praxis tied to the chaplains’ professional work. Patients and clinical staff seem to appreciate ECGs, but up until now there has been no research on such groups. My research project intends to develop new knowledge regarding the importance of ECGs as an offer for existential counselling within specialist health service in Public mental health.

To me RVS is both relevant and important in order that this research school wants to understand and explore the various, dynamic and changing interplay between religion, values and society.


Victor Dudas

Phd Student at Uppsala University.

His research is focused on processes of acculturation (cultural learning) and identity development among ethnic minorities. My current PhD project is about the motivations and the cultural learning as well as the development of an identity among youths from an ethnic minority in Sweden.


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