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Invitation: New call for RVS membership, deadline 20 January 2017


’Religion – Values – Society’ (RVS)


Call for Applications 2017

We live in a world and in societies where religion and values are changing. There is an increased emphasis on, and appreciation for, acquiring knowledge to understand these processes in their many forms and on their many levels. Currently, empirical studies of religion, values and society are spread across a number of institutions, in relatively small communities. The Research School Religion-Values-Society (RVS) is an initiative by the major Norwegian academic institutions within this field, as well as important institutions in Sweden and the United States, to bring together PhD-students and established scholars in order to develop better research and foster national and international cooperation, primarily through a strengthened and more comprehensive PhD education.

RVS welcomes members researching either religion or values (or both) in a contemporary and empirical perspective. The research school is now open to 12 new PhD-students members that are already enrolled in PhD programs at the participating institutions at RVS. These are: MF Norwegian School of Theology, the University of Agder, VID Specialized University, Volda University College, Umeå University, University of Oslo, University of Tromsø, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Bergen and Uppsala University, with Boston University as an international partner. With the new 12 PhD-students, there will be a total of 53 PhD-student members in RVS.

RVS is a national research school, with a grant of over NOK 23 million over eight years from the Norwegian Research Council. This grant ensures that the costs connected to participating in RVS courses and seminars will be covered by the RVS for our members.

The RVS Research School offers both mandatory and voluntary courses. Members are eligible to participate in the annual summer school in Lesbos, Greece, which focuses on questions of methodology, theory and practical research in empirical studies, as well as one course each spring and fall that deal with a specific interdisciplinary theme related to religion and/or values, and society. These courses consist of lectures by top international scholars and group sessions that discuss the participants’ own projects and work. In addition, there will be an annual national PhD-seminar for all RVS-students and supervisors, two thematic courses each year, a bi-annual seminar in Boston with Boston University and one online group-session each semester.

Members are required to participate in the annual PhD seminars, the online group-sessions and at least one of the thematic spring/fall-courses each year, with the possibility to take part in more courses of course. This means that members will get a better and more comprehensive education, but the RVS is still an addition to the regular PhD-program at their institutions.

We then invite PhD-students to apply to become members of the RVS. Application form can be obtained by contacting RVS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Appliaction date is January 20th 2017. Any questions can also be sent to this address. The main criteria of evaluation are the academic quality of the project, relevance for RVS and institutional affiliation.


More information about the Research School, its content, the course-plan etc. can be acquired by contacting

Professor Dr. Geir Afdal, Director of RS RVS, at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel. +47 22 59 06 07 or +47 99 40 40 70



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