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Religion and Social Conflict, November 14th-16th 2011 (3ECTS)

Lecturers: Torkel Brekke (Oslo), Mark Juergensmeier (UCSB), Hanne E. Røislien, Henrik Syse and Iselin Frydenlund (all Oslo). There were approx. 30 people attending part of, or all of, this course. The overall quality of the lectures was good, dealing with conflict and the role of religion in this. It was held at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo.


Summer School: The Use of Theory in Interdisciplinary Research, August 13th-20th 2011 (5ECTS)

Lecturers: David Herbert (Milton Keynes), Pål Repstad (Kristiansand), Geir Afdal (MF, Oslo), Jan-Olav Henriksen (MF, Oslo), Ingunn Moser (Halden) and Bård Mæland (MHS, Stavanger). The summer school combined lectures with student presentations and discussions. There were 15 participants this year, and it was held at Metochi, Lesbos.


Gender Issues - Gender Trouble, March 21st-23rd 2011 (3 ECTS)

Lecturers: Jorunn Økland (Oslo), Linda Woodhead (Lancaster), Henrik Syse (PRIO, Oslo), Paul Leer-Salvesen and Unni Langås (Kristiansand) as commentators. The course combined both local and RVS students and faculty at the University of Agder in Kristiansand, and provided a venue for interesting exchange and debate. Approximately 25 participated.









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