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Religion, Health and Healing: Challenging Epistemic Hegemonies, November 12th-14th 2012 (3 ECTS)

Lecturers: Lars Johan Danbolt (MF, Oslo), Valerie DeMarinis (Uppsala), Kjell Nordstokke (Diakonhjemmet, Oslo), Edvin Schei (Bergen), Hans Stifoss-Hanssen (Diakonhjemmet, Oslo) and Sturla Stålsett (Bymisjonen, Oslo). Sidsel Roalkvam (Oslo) was meant to participate, but was prevented from doing so.

The conference invited national and international speakers working on religion and health, with an emphasis on their interaction in curing, dealing with and experiencing illness. There were 17 participants, and it took place at Diakonhjemmet University College, Oslo.

Summer School: Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities in Interdisciplinary Work, August 11th-18th 2012 (5 ECTS)

Lecturers: Geir Afdal (MF, Oslo), Trine Anker (Halden), Tomas S. Drønen (MHS, Stavanger), Liv Ingeborg Lied (MF, Oslo), Ingunn Moser (Diakonhjemmet, Oslo) and Ole Riis (UiA, Kristiansand).

The summer school this year addressed and discusses conditions for analysis; how to do it, in what ways and for what purposes. Also, it evaluated the outcome of analyses and explored how researchers can combine and/or develop different strategies for analysis. There were 20 participants, and six of these were not from the Research School. It was held at Metochi, Lesbos.

Education and Values: Knowledge, Learning and the Good, March 19th-21st 2012 (3 ECTS)

Lecturers: Kristin Asdal (Oslo), Gert Biesta (Stirling, Scotland), Karen Jensen (Oslo), Torill Strand (Halden) and Gloria Bender (Buenos Aires). Anne-Lise Arnesen (Halden) and Geir Afdal (MF, Oslo) were moderators.

The course dealt with different theoretical approaches to learning, knowledge and education. There were 17 participants, and eight of these were not participants in RVS. It was held at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo.

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