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We congratulate RVS Ph.D. student Hildegunn Valen Kleive!  She successfully defended her thesis 10 Mai 2019 at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society. 

The title of the thesis is Not that religious. A study of young Tamil religiosity in North-Western Norway.

This is how she describes her work : "In this article based dissertation the aim is to shed light on how young Tamils, mainly Hindus,view their religion and how they practice it. Yet, the aim is more than describing views and practices, the dissertation also intend to suggest how it is generated, in other words why it appears as it does. In order to achieve these aims, I have analysed how the young Tamil Hindus relate to the materiality of religion, in which ways experiences living in North-Western Norway influences their religiosity and how public places of Hindu worship matters for them."

For more about her thesis and defense visit the MF webpage or Volda University College's page.