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Hege Kristin Ringnes

MF – Norwegian School of Theology

Project title

Emotion regulation in Jehovah´s Witnesses

Please describe your project in 3-5 sentences

I started out with the more open research question: How is it to be a Jehovah´s Witness- with a psychology of religion perspective. Using theology as a starting point when doing quasi-structural interviewing, I was looking for psychological phenomena. The function of emotion regulation became an interesting and central phenomenon to study.

What are you doing right now?

I am analyzing interview material (again) with focus on emotion regulation strategies, using the tool Atlas.ti. I’m also writing on an article about strategies for regulating emotions among Jehovah´s Witnesses

How has RVS helped your project?

I have participated on two Lesvos Summer Courses, which were fantastic due to the place as well as good lectures and nice Ph.D.-students to discuss with. Other courses as well have been helpful and inspiring for learning both theory and method.


What would you like to have more of in RVS?

More money! I am the student board member in RVS and made a case at the 2013 Board Meeting about RVS-students not having enough money to attend courses. Hopefully our institutions will provide more money, so students can attend the RVS courses we need and want. In addition, I would have liked more psychology of religion perspective, and are very glad a course focusing on religion and emotion is scheduled in the future.